Robert Shearer

I assess and improve IPM programs 🌱
#CropCareConvos podcast host


CropWalk | 2020-present
Director of Operations

PharmOut | 2019
Director of Cultivation Services

Humboldt State University | 2016-2018
Botany Lab Teaching Associate

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Ayana Stock

CropWalk | 2020-present
Director of Science, Education, and Strategic Development
Lead Auditor

Humboldt State University | 2018-2019
Supplemental Instruction Leader
Instructional Student Assistant

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Charlie McKenzie

I teach growers how to improve their IPM program 🌱 Host of #LeadersTalkCrops on CropTalk podcast

CropWalk | 2018-present
Managing Director
Director of Partnerships

Biobest Sustainable Crop Management | 2017-2018
Biocontrol Crop Protection Specialist

Greenhouse Growing System | 2016-2017
General Manager
Production Manager